Digital Agency Hampshire

How it all began...
The Digital Specialists started as a working partnership between Mullins and Cooper. Both sharing a passion for digital it was our intention to create a digital agency rooted in traditional marketing but cleverly integrating a digital twist wherever possible.

The Digital Specialists - Digital Agency Hampshire

Sean's degree in Corporate Communications led to a career in Digital Communications and Marketing for different business. Having been the client Sean values on keeping a results driven focus and a communication style that is accessible to his clients so keeping the technical jargon and geek speak to minimum or over a cuppa with Madalina.

Madalina graduated with a MA in Marketing Management and quickly eased into the world of SEO and Social Media Marketing as a freelancer. Madalina has an inclination towards numbers, metrics, stats which has served her in delivering successful PPC and Online Advertising Campaigns.

Both Madalina and Sean believe in integrated campaigns where traditional and digital work in unison producing the best results and insights possible.

Our motto:

"What's the point of having a pretty website if no one can find it"

We want your target audience to love your brand as much you do, this is where the Digital Specialists can ensure your brand §and overall online reach is optimised to it's full potential.

What Makes Us Different


We believe traditional marketing still and always will have an importance and successful marketing will incorporate the benefits of the digital world, hence we offer marketing with a digital twist where digital is successfully woven into all our practices, strategies and tactics.


Communication is key to any successful relationship but not only regular communication but the way we communicate is also very important to us. In the Digital World there is a tendency to over use buzz words and jargon. We want to translate this speak so there is clarity between both parties. We adopt a friendly, honest and collaborative style of communication.

SEO is our Passion 

This leads back to our motto of 'What's the point of having a pretty website if no one can find it'. Online reach and overall brand visibility can be greatly enhanced by great SEO. With great power comes great responsibility so we take this very seriously to ensure long-term success for our clients.


Our approach is one that is future proofed and ethical. Especially in SEO there has been quick win techniques that have come and gone and been penalised by Google. The Digital Specialists never engage in risky, questionable techniques because we want to maintain long-term relationships that stay strong.

Results Driven Marketing 

The beauty of digital lies with in its ability to be measurable. To measure success there must always be a goal. All our digital efforts have a clear goal in mind and overall should be a clear ROI for your business.

Brand is King

People buy brands, not products and we want your target audience to fall and stay in love with your brand. Brand is king, Content is Queen and in unison they reign supreme.