Less of the Ego if you please but we do love Big Brands (& Big Bird)

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Content Lessons from Big Brands (not Big Bird … sorry Big Bird we still love you)


I know what you are thinking … what has Big Bird got to do with Big Brands and Content Marketing? The answer is absolutely nothing but if you’re old enough to remember and admit you remember Big Bird, just for a second it may have entertained and amused you which leads us to the first lesson.

Lesson Number 1: Genuinely try to help or entertain your audiences.

The point of Big Bird was to merely entertain you through a swamp of shares about #ContentMarketing, #CRO, #SEO, #CES2015, Social Media Predictions for 2015 etc.

Lets look at some reasons why people follow brands on Twitter (full infographic at bottom of this post):

  • 55% of Twitter Followers follow a brand because they like the brand.
  • 44% of Twitter Followers follow a brand because they want to learn about new products and services.
  • 34% of Twitter Follows follow a brand because the brand tweet interesting / entertaining content.

What the above highlights is there is a love for brands but it shows us that the user is very aware of what he or she wants to see. They are happy to follow a brand but not unless the brand delivers what they want to see. For example, as a Digital Specialist I constantly want to learn and expand my knowledge so I follow credible sources (Moz, Kissmetrics etc) within the industry who will help keep me up-to-date with tutorials, tips and webinars.

Lesson Number 2: Know your Target Audience

With so many reason why your audience would want to hear from you, it’s important to understand exactly what they want to hear about and maintain this relationship. For example, Coca Cola are aware that due to the stigma of fizzy drinks they need to appeal to their consumers (and the consumers parents) that their product is health conscious and they demonstrate this by their fancy health calculator.

Over past couple of years there has been a rise of promotion-free content hubs. Adobe’s CMO.com is a great example of a brand content hub that seeks to deliver content their audience is looking for, without all the hype and promotion common on most brand experiences. (I will blog about content hubs soon so watch this space)

TOP TIP: Your audience will smell a promotional, self glorifying, egocentric piece of content a mile off and the chances are it will make them switch off. Stay true to the overall content and engagement strategy. Users wants to benefit from or be entertained by your content. Not told how great you are. Do not underestimate the intelligence of your target audience! 

Lesson Number 3: Tell a Story (Not to be confused with Brand Story which will be covered soon)

The best brands are built on great stories.”  (Ian Rowden Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group)

The power of good storytelling is not one to be underestimated and the stories we tell shape the overall brand experience that your users will have with your brand.


Telling your audience you are the best, open 24/7, can’t be beaten on price is arguably not very inspiring or compelling. However, through content marketing there are multiple stages where messages and stories can be brought to life. Lego not so long ago managed to tell a whole story in a movie giving it’s brand a resurgence to a whole new generation.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing. Whether you are a big brand or not it doesn’t mean some valuable lessons can’t be learned from them. In one of my next posts I will be talking about Brand SEO. Many clients often stare at me when I talk about brand for the first 30 mins before I even mention Google and rankings so I want to share more about the strong connection between brand and SEO.

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