Conversion Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation or CRO is the method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the customer experience (UX) on the website for a better ROI the overall performance of your website.

Conversion is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. The Conversion can take many forms, varying from site to site: from enquiries, customers who made a purchase, acquiring new customers, registration, live chat, downloads etc.

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The science behind conversion optimisation

By improving the conversion rate here are a few of the benefits your business and website are going to see:

Higher conversion rate = better ROI
You are probably paying for traffic to your site in one way or another, and a high conversion rate means that your profits are maximised and your business gets a better return on that investment (ROI).

Lower customer acquisition cost (CAC)
Why not take care of the your current customers and improve the overall customer experience on the website. This strategy is more cost effective than finding more visitors; another advantage of improving the CRO is that it’s much more cost-effective to convert a higher percentage of the current visitors you already have than to attract new visitors.

Improve customer experience (UX)
In addition to improving your ROI, CRO helps to defend against the limited attention span of your visitor by enhancing the customer experience and journey to their conversion. At its most fundamental, CRO means figuring out what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and then giving that to them.

Here are a few of the tools we can use to improve the CRO for your website:

Call to actions
Is a button, banner or some sort of graphic or text on the website that will encourage the visitors to take the action that leads towards a conversion. A few examples of CTA is “Add to Basket” on an ecommerce website, “Download now” on an app landing page or “Sign up” to register for an email newsletter.

Conversion Funnel
This tool is used mostly for ecommerce websites to track a consumer pathway and where visitors complete a conversion. The more steps, the fewer visitors go through to convert.

A/B on Split Testing
The testing of one version of a page against another version of the same page. Each element is measured by its success in comparison to the other and only one thing is tested at a time. For example, a green button measured in effectiveness to a blue button.

Multivariate Testing (MVT)
The testing of multiple variations of many different page elements in various combinations to determine the best performing elements and combinations.


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Inspire the target audience to visit your website from social networks

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