Increase your website leads: 7 Steps to improve your CRO

  • April 10, 2015
  • CRO
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For online marketers, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) becomes very important for knowing whether the person visiting your website is taking the desired action or not. Setting up a website online is not enough anymore. You need sufficient traffic as well as active traffic in order to fulfil the purpose of your website. Online marketing if done properly can open new doors for marketers and make them reach customers in new ways. Here are the 7 steps you can follow to improve your CRO:

  • Assess Your Current Situation

Before you start off on anything, you need to assess your current situation in order to know exactly where you and your business stand. Find out how effective is the online marketing you are carrying out in conversion, as well as the user experience and journey your website offers. Carefully analyse what part of the business and website is not working well, before you set off to improving it.

  • Set Your Goals/ Objectives

It is important to decide what you are trying to achieve and the objectives you are trying to meet. Define your objectives such as generation of more inquiries, registrations, downloads, increasing sales and improving customer acquisition to name a few. These CRO goals need to be realistic and should be aligned with your overall business and marketing goals.

  • Create A Strategy

Without a strategy in mind, you are probably going to get lost. To come up with an effective strategy, you need thorough research of the target audience and of their browsing habits. A competitor analysis also needs to be carried out so that you can understand where your website stands compared to your competitors.

  • Set Up Analytics And ROI Tracking

A higher conversion rate means better ROI for your business but none of this can be measured without sufficient website stats and data. The measurement tool you use will provide information, measure ROI and check the success of your CRO strategy. The measurement tool you opt for will depend on your own objectives and strategy, but one of the popular ones out there is Google Analytics which has proved to be a great help for online marketers.

  • Design And Develop

CRO design and development tools include Conversion Funnel, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing and Call to Action. These are required and need to be implemented so that the CRO and in turn the ROI, can improve.

  • Measure The Results

Once everything is in place and implementation has taken place, you need to analyse the stats gathered so that you can know how effective the whole strategy was and if the objectives were even met or not. Analytics and user feedback can be used to improve the customer experience as that is an important factor for better ROI and overall better performance.

  • Transfer You Winning Campaigns Into Other Media

The insights and success factors that you receive, can also be implemented in other parts of your marketing strategy. If one particular call to action, landing page or promotion works well, it can be used on other media and marketing channels. Your aim should be to convert site visitors into leads, and leads into customers. Marketing is a very large domain and many factors need to come together and work successfully to create the ultimate marketing strategy.

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