Marketing Consultancy with a #Digital Twist

Digital & SEO is beautifully woven into our all efforts & practices to boost your business and this is very true for our consultancy services which is one of a holistic and integrated nature and offers our clients a fresh pair of eyes and outlook to their business. 

Listen! Listen! and Listen some more!

As with any process the output is only as effective as the input which is exactly why we ensure we listen to you and get under the skin of the business and truly understand what is needed in order to has a positive impact on your goals and objectives. Being results driven is something at The Digital Specialists we pride ourselves on. There is a clear digital focus on what we do and what is beautiful about digital is how measurable it is and how activities can be quantified.

Holistic & Integrated Approach

Whether we are giving consultancy for SEO, PPC Campaigns, Video Adwords, Social Media Advertising etc we ensure to integrate a consistency across all business, marketing and branding strategies.  Sometimes being inside a business bubble can dilute the vital objectivity needed to produce the optimum results. We are here to help your marketing efforts achieve as much success as possible by offering the necessary outlook, metrics and digital science needed.

For Marketing that works

It can be difficult to maintain a strong focus on marketing activities. We are committed to provide your business with the right tools to market your brand and business effectively, help you succeed grow and achieve your goals. We can assist you create and implement your marketing plan to help put your brand and business on the map.

Our services include:

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Marketing material development
  • Marketing campaign planning and implementation
  • Tactical and strategic marketing
  • Branding and positioning

We understand that there are many key aspects to consider when building a marketing plan and we will ensure to take the time to understand your brand and business, your customers needs and take into account your competition so we can develop clear objectives and strategies to effectively market your business.

It all starts with a chat!

We need to ensure we are the right 'fit' for your business and can actually contribute a positive impact to your business goals and objectives. We are happy to come visit you and get a feel for your business, what your trying to achieve and how we can help. Contact us today by calling Sean or Madalina today!


Inspire the target audience to visit your website from social networks


Encourage dialogue and coverage from influential people and sites


Inspire the target audience to visit your website from social networks

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